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Bible Promise Book (Kindle Edition)

Verses of promise
 By: Barbour
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Whatever the need of the moment, the answer can be found in God's Word. 'The Bible Promise Book', a perennial best-seller, includes over one thousand promises from the Bible, arranged alphabetically by topic. 'The Bible Promise Book' promises quick and easy access to God's truth. The Bible Promise Book is power for living at a bargain price! Topics include Anger, Belief, Charity, Death, Enemies, Faith, Guidance, Hope, Jealousy, Love, Marriage, Obedience, Peace, Righteousness, Shame, Trust and Wisdom, along with many others.

Did The Resurrection Happen?
Coffehouse Chronicles
 By: Josh McDowell
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Did the Resurrection Happen, Really?: A Dialogue on Life, Death, and Hope,
the college campus is rocked by a shooting spree that leaves nine students dead.
Their up-close experience with mortality allies the coffee house discussion group
together to really wrestle with the spiritual and eternal ramifications of whether
or not Jesus rose from the dead.

What most religions won't tell you about the Bible
 By: Cary Schmidt
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Great Book dealing with salvation.

Done (Kindle Edition)
What most religions won't tell you about the Bible
 By: Cary Schmidt
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This is a great free kindle version of the book covering salvation. 

Guided By Grace
Servant Leadership For the Local Church
 By: Paul Chappell
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One of the finest books written that deals with how to lead and serve like Jesus Christ.

How To Pray(Kindle Edition)
 By: R.A. Torrey
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"Very much of so-called prayer, both public and private, is not unto God. In order that a prayer should be really unto God, there must be a definite and conscious approach to God."

How To Pray is the classic text written by R.A. Torrey. As a pastoral text, the gracious spirit in it is only underscored by the great concern which Torrey exhibits for his readers to discover a more vibrant prayer life.

This electronic edition features an active table of contents.

Kindle Books From Striving Together
 By: Various
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These books from Striving Together publications are sure to be a blessing and encouragement. All of them are highly recommended.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
500,000 verse cross references
 By: R.A. Torrey
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The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is comprehensive, user-friendly and versatile, providing the reader with an essential study tool for private devotions, teaching or preaching.
Complete with over 500,000 Scripture references and parallel passages, this reference work contains the most exhaustive listing of biblical cross references available anywhere. For over a century this unique volume has been an essential tool--for the beginner wishing to be more biblically literate and for the scholar seeking greater depth and breadth of understanding.
- Reveals how Scripture interprets itself on every verse, topic and important word--from biblical promises, doctrines and historical issues to prophecies and their fulfillment
- Supplies lists of verses that shed biblical light on the intent of each passage
- Dates at the top of each page furnish a chronological framework for biblical people, places and events
- Organized according to the order of the books of the Bible, making it easier to locate any reference
- With cross references located in one place, the Treasury is easier to use than Bibles with chain references